The 98th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement Marked in Sanda

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Source: Sanda Youth League Committee

Reporter: Li Xin

Editor: Shi Qiang

On May 17, the 98th anniversary of the May 4th Movement was marked in Jiashan Guangbiao College, Sanda University. Deputy Secretary of CPC Sanda Committee Chen Wei, Executive Deputy Dean of Jiashan Guangbiao College Chen Xinzhong, Secretary of Sanda Youth League Committee Sheng Yi and other students attended the gathering.

At the grand gathering, Executive Deputy Dean Chen Xinzhong expressed his sincere congratulations to model groups and progressive individuals. After a series of recommendation, preliminary reviews and oral defenses, excellent groups, model Youth League organizations, and outstanding Youth League members were honoured.

On behalf of Sanda Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of CPC Sanda Committee Chen Wei congratulated on these awarded organizations and individuals. He also expressed his gratitude for their hard work in the League and in student s’ affairs, and their outstanding achievements inareas of social practice, campus culture, volunteer service and innovation cultivation, etc.He encouraged students to stick to their faith in pursuit of their dreams and make every effort to establish a wonderful Sanda.

Translated by Men Haiyan