Strategic Cooperative Agreement Signed Between Sanda and Polus International College

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Source: Sanda News Publicity Center

Reporter: Wu Zhibo

Recently a delegation from Sanda paid a visit to Sicuan Polus International College (hereinafter: PIC). A strategic cooperative agreement between two parties was signed by Sand President Li Jin and PIC President Yan Hong on May 25. Areas covered in the agreement included private-university education system reform, course building, applied talents training, international communication, university-enterprise cooperation, teaching staff construction and education resources co-sharing, etc. Present at the signing ceremony were Executive Deputy Dean Chen Xinzhong of Jiashan Guangbiao College, Dean Zhu Chengqiang of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Director Hua Hua of the International Exchange and Communication Office.

President Yan Hong acknowledged at the ceremony the rapid development of Sanda and hoped to strengthen cooperation with Sanda to achieve a win-win result.

President Li pointed out that two sides would co-build courses through making use of their respective school-running characteristics. Cooperation can be made in areas of nursing rehabilitation programs, in tourism exhibition and other service sectors. In terms of international exchange and communication and university-enterprise cooperation, he proposed that two parties jointly develop international cooperation projects, teaching and research programs. He hoped that through this cooperation, two sides would jointly design leading and creative programs and realize resources sharing.

Translated by Men Haiyan