The Eighth Seminar Held at Jiashan Guangbiao College

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Source: Jiahsan Guangbiao College

Reporter: Peng Qianjin

Editor: Pan Pan

On May 24, the 8th seminar was held by the Academic Research Office of Sanda at Jiashan Guangbiao College. Over 40 teachers attended the seminar presented by Professor of Pathology Jiang Xucheng, Associate Editor of Shanghai Sanda University Research and Development. The seminar was themed on “how to improve the quality of research papers”. Director Bo Xiaoming from the Academic Research Office hosted this round of seminar.

Centering on how to clarify the objectives and significance of a study, and on how to improve the quality of academic papers, Prof. Jiang exchanged his ideas with teachers. He also stressed the importance of research design and project application and the necessity of literature reading. He finally answered the questions raised by teachers on research paper writing, submission and project application, etc.

Translated by Men Haiyan