Shanghai Education Commission Conducts Food Security Inspection in Sanda

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Source; Sanda News Publicity Center

Reporter: Zhu Lin

Editor: Pan Pan

On June 2, a special inspection team of Shanghai Education Commission came to Sanda and performed a food safety inspection at the canteen. Deputy Party Secretary Chen Wei pointed out that food safety had been an indispensable part in Sanda’s safety work. He believed that this inspection would bring Sanda’s current satisfying food safety condition to a new level, as Sanda would take this opportunity to find areas that needs improving and to further strengthen management on food safety.

At the meeting, Director Ji Wenjiong of the Service and Security Department made a report on the administration of food and hygiene safety in the canteen. She said Sanda had been tightening its supervision on the canteen and stores on campus. Food safety was under joint surveillance of administration departments, canteen operators, staff and students. She added that inspection was conducted from the following three perspectives: first, food safety training was conducted in various ways; second, key areas concerning food safety were laid great emphasis; third, canteen workers were required of the health certificate and the operation certificate before they were employed.

The food safety in Sanda was approved by the inspection team headed by Dong Zhongde, who pointed out that food safety received much attention from Sanda leaders and the canteen was equipped with adequate facilities. Suggestions were also made by him in terms of equipment reconstruction. The Service Department showed that they would continue to perform routine checks and ensure food safety in Sanda.

Translated by Men Haiyan