Five Alumni Shared Their Experience for Success at Sanda

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Source: Sanda Youth League Committee; The Students’ Union

Reporter: Zhang Rong

Editor: Shi Qiang

On June 1, the 11th Outstanding Graduates Forum was co-held by Sanda Youth League Committee and the Students’ Union. Five alumni from different majors: Hua Cheng, Ye Wenchao, Pan Lizhu, Jiang Yili and Lu Lei, were invited. Over 200 students attended the forum and were inspired by their stories, and career experience.

Ye Wenchao, majoring in Food Quality and Safety, is now Project Director in Shanghai Quality Education Training Center. He hoped that students could do something helpful for themselves every day. Three suggestions were proposed: learn to skillfully communicate with others; have a clear career planning and broaden their horizon through learning courses that are not confined to his/her major.

Pan Lizhu, a former Sanda student majoring in Journalism, and now General Manager in Shanghai Litao Cultural Communications Co., Ltd., believed that keeping young is an attitude and there are always more solutions than problems. She encouraged students to think up as many plans as possible when confronted with tough problems. She said that one should not only have dreams but also short-term objectives.

Lu Lei, an English major and now General Manager in Shanghai Zhihong Industry Co., Ltd., and one of the joint founders for the Junne designer brand, themed his talk on “stepping out of one’s comfort zone and unleashing one’s potentials”. He illustrated what is “realization” and “creation” through his own career experience.

Guests have also interacted with the audience at the forum. Organizers believed that this was a good platform for students to communicate with alumni, which would help them gain a better understanding of their course, career plan and future workplace.

Translated by Men Haiyan