Learning to Be an Upright Man and to Do Morally Permissible Things

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Speaker: Li Jin, President of Shanghai Sanda University

Date: Wednesday, June, 14, 2017

EventGraduation Address,Class of 2017

President Li Jin

Honorable students, teachers, and family members coming from afar,

Good afternoon!

Today we gathered here for the Graduation Ceremony to honor Class of 2017. Every member of our big family, such as your teachers, your aunt -like staff in charge of your dormitory, warm-hearted people from the Service Department and the Canteen, is coming here to see you off and send their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes!

Dear fellow students, it is an honor and a blessing to have you here. You’ve added splendid glamour to Sanda through earning fabulous prizes. Sanda has made considerable progress in various fields because of you. The campus has become more beautiful and our teaching level has been improved to a new level. We are not perfect, though, with some untidy and unsatisfactory places. But I know you hold Sanda in deep affection despite some deficiencies. We are from one family and we love this family. In this big family, you have pursued your dreams and learnt to develop your love for yourself, your families, your alma mater, your hometown and the Country.

You have just completed an important journey of your life. You’ve witnessed Sanda’s development and also left impressive footsteps. After graduation, you’ll enter various professions in society. I hope you can always remember that you are from our big family, thus representing the overall image of Sanda. The moment you began your university life, you boarded on a small boat and began to acquire knowledge, skills and to develop friendship or even romantic love. The moment you graduate and step out of the campus, you set out on a completely new journey, one more complicated than university life.

I am now proposing three suggestions as you step into society: sticking to your faith, being devoted to your career and maintaining friendship.

Firstly, you should stick to your faith through focusing on three key elements: value, confidence and will power.

Element One: Value. We live in a socialist country and should at any times have the right judgment.

Element Two: Confidence. Successful people are those who achieve success at the turning point, rather than at the starting line. So you should firmly believe in your potentialities and unleash them to the full.

Element Three: Willpower. Willpower is needed in every cause. There was a Chinese saying: “An ambitious man must be broad-minded and strong-willed, as he undertakes a heavy burden and embarks on a long road.”

Secondly, you should be devoted to your career through focusing on three key elements: being practical, loyal and striving for remarkable performance.

Element One: Being practical. The most fundamental element when you embark on a new profession is “loving your work and being practical.”

Element Two: Loyalty. Every worker expects their boss to find out their skills, but they don’t know their boss wants to see their loyalty most.

Element Three: Striving for remarkable performance. A remarkable performance requires correct judgment, rich knowledge and compliance with professional code.

Thirdly, you should maintain friendship through grasping three key factors: a good state of the mind, appreciation for others and responsibility shouldering.

Factor One: A good state of the mind. To keep a good state of the mind is the basis for success.

Factor Two: Appreciation for others. Not only qualified talents are needed in a company, talents that know how to learn from others, how to cooperate and negotiate with others are also needed.

Factor Three: Responsibility shouldering. Every one shoulders responsibility in society and even has a part for the drawbacks of the society.

My fellow students, as a permanent member of Sanda, your résumé will forever be imprinted with Sanda. I hope you will always care for and support the development of your alma mater, wherever and whenever you are. You are always Sanda’s treasure and honor.

My sincere wishes to all of you again. Congratulations! Thank you.

Translated by Men Haiyan