Mr. Jin LI, President

Professor of Philosophy and Higher Education

Winner of multiple Teaching Achievement Award, Excellent Achievement Award of National Educational Science Research, Excellent Achievement Award of Shanghai Philosophical and Social Sciences Research, Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, Shanghai Educational Science Research Achievement Award, etc.

Chairman of National Association of Presidents of Vo-tech Colleges 

Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences

Vice Chairman of Shanghai Higher Education Association

Former President of Shanghai Normal University

Former Executive Vice President of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

Former President of Shanghai Donghu Technical College

Former Deputy Director of Shanghai Higher Education Office

Mr. Shaozhong ZHU, Vice President


Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Extensive experiences in higher education administrations at positions as the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, Dean of the School of Vocational and Technical Education, Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Director of the Human Resources Division and Director of Personnel Exchange Service Center, Director of the German Academic Exchange Center,  Director of the German Studies Institute, and Chief Editor of the German Research Journal.   

Former administrator of Donghua University

Former Assistant to the President of Tongji University

Former Second and First secretaries in the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1989 through 1993 

Mr. Zengtai ZHANG, Vice President

Professor of Material Engineering

Winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, Outstanding Individual in Shanghai’s Key Industrial Projects Integrating Science and Technology with Production, Expert in Laboratory of Higher Education, Outstanding Individual in Union Work within the National Education System, and Outstanding Individual in Union Work within the Shanghai Education System, etc.

Committee Member of Higher Education Committee, China Non-Public Education Association

Executive Board Member of Shanghai Non-Public Education Association

Deputy Director and General Secretary of Higher Education Committee, Shanghai Non-Public Education Association

Executive Board Member of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society

Director of Shanghai Casting Committee

Former Director of Laboratories, Director of Equipment and Facilities, Director of Academic Affairs, of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Former Chairman of the Union of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Ms. Fumin WANG, Vice President

Associate Professor of Medicine

Awards honors include Outstanding Individual in the Committee of Psychological Consultation of Shanghai Higher Education, Outstanding Individual of Students Administration of Shanghai General Higher Education, Teaching Achievements issued by Shanghai Municipal Government, etc.

Former President of School of Public Health affiliated to Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, with extensive experience in managing student affairs and academic affairs

Mr. Weiguo FENG, Vice President

Ph.D. and Professor of Science in Theoretical Physics

Project leader or participant in over 20 provincial and national programs and projects in teaching, research and technology development; Co-authored and published more than 110 papers, 10 books and software.

Winner, in collaboration with colleagues, of more than 20 awards for teaching and research achievements in both provincial and national academic evaluations, including National Natural Science Award, Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanghai Educational Science Research Achievement Award, Outstanding University Textbooks Award, Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, National Excellent Computer Aided Teaching Software for Higher Education, etc..

Member of the National Higher Education Teaching Research Council; Member of Evaluation Team of Talent-training in Vocational Colleges, Ministry of Education; Member of Expert Committee of the Selection of Teaching Reform Pilots for Courses in Vocational Colleges; Director of Vocational College Teacher-Training Base in Shanghai Business School, Ministry of Education’s; Member of the Professional Title Evaluation Committee of Newly Built Universities and Vocational Colleges; Member of Expert Team for the Evaluation of Shanghai Private Universities; Expert on the Assessment and Accreditation of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs in Shanghai; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association of Industry-University Collaboration; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Vocational Education Association, etc.

Former Vice President of Shanghai Business School

Former Director of Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission 

Ms. Qiaoping JIA, Vice President

Ph.D. and professor of Economics

Leader of multiple project teams including course development projects, curriculum development projects, practical training center development projects sponsored by Shanghai Education Commission or China Ministry of Education.

Winner of multiple Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, Outstanding Teacher Award, Outstanding Individual of Shanghai Returned Overseas Chinese and Relatives, Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for Shanghai Overseas Chinese Professionals.

Representative of the Sixth Assembly of Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences; Representative of the 10th Shanghai Overseas Chinese Assembly; the 12th Shanghai Women's Congress

Former Vice President of Shanghai Commercial and Industrial Foreign Languages Institute, with experiences as heads and deans of business programs and international programs

Mr. Wei CHEN, Vice President

Bachelor’s degree in Law

Winner of Excellent Individual of Pudong District Safety and Security Award, Excellent Individual of Shanghai Expo Educational System Security and Stability Award, Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award, etc.

Chairman of the Sanda University Union

Former Director of the Construction and Logistics Department 

Mr. Shumin YUAN, Chief Account

Ph.D. in MIS and Professor of Accountancy

Chairman of the Computerized Accounting Branch of China Accounting Society

Member of the Committee of Accounting Informatization of China Accounting Society

Member of Shanghai Accounting Association

Vice chairman of Pudong Accounting Association

Former Dean of the School of Accounting and Dean of the School of Continuing Education of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics